Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Abstract and Bibliography

My paper talks about college athletics and how they are such a big part of American and college culture. I did research looking to find evidence to support sports originally, but wound up finding much more evidence on why sports are bad for universities. This led me to change my opinion on college sports and led me to believe that they are bad for universities. I tried to balance the benefits of sports though with the negative side of them to create an equal argument.

College sports are a part of the American culture and are a part of the college culture as well. As long as there are cheering fans in the stands at sporting events, college athletics will continue to be a prevalent part of the American university. “Colleges and universities are, at the end of the day, academic institutions. They are charted to serve educational purposes” (Bowen and Levin, 11). The question as President McCormick of Rutgers University phrased it, is not of whether can athletics and academics coexist, but how we manage their coexistence that is crucial to the success and survival of a university.


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